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    Scope of application:1: Aging test of adapter, industrial power supply, switching power supply, LED, etc. 2: Used for aging trolleys, aging cabinets, aging rooms, automatic aging systems, etc.

    1: The overall efficiency is greater than 86% under the rated working condition;
      2: Automatic synchronization and grid connection, no impact on the power grid;
      3: The current returning to the power grid is a sine wave, and the harmonic content is very small. The power factor is more than 0.99. It is highly efficient and energy-saving, and has no effect on the power supply quality of the power grid.
      4: With CC (Constant Current), CV (Constant Voltage), OCP (Over-Current Protection), OPP (Over-Power Protection), OTP (Over-Temperature Protection), perfect protection measures, dual protection within the grid and internal, quality and safety, Stable and reliable;
      5: The user can manually and automatically adjust the load size (0~100A adjustable) according to the actual aging power supply's capacity, which is convenient and simple to use;
      6: Support hot swap, simple installation and maintenance;
      7: The panel design is clean, generous, and easy to operate. The LCD visually displays the current and voltage.

    Technical parameter

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